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Here’s a little text heavy section with all of the questions you have floating around your mind + a few that maybe you didn’t know you had. Hopefully this helps answer a few things right off of the bat for you!

3 people that’s great! but how does it work?

As we’re sure you know by now we’re a team of 3; 2 of us will shoot for you and 1 person will be in charge of streaming all of the post-wedding work (editing, printing, shipping, etc.). What’s great about 3 people is that if anything were to happen to any of us *knock on wood* and for whatever reason someone can’t make it, we have someone readily available on standby to jump in on a moments notice not to disrupt your big day!

On the day of your wedding we split up to photograph both the bridal party and groomsmen getting ready, then we’ll get back together during the ceremony. Usually one person will stay stationary in the middle of the aisle and shoot from there, and the other will move around capturing different angles. As we move onto family photos we’ll have 1 person shooting and the other rallying everyone together (which yes, includes hunting down Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda who are probably at the bar grabbing a drink because they didn’t even know they were needed). For the rest of the evening we’ll shoot both formal and casual portraits of everyone celebrating and dancing the night away!


We like to almost immediately send out a small preview of photos within a few days following your wedding so you can have a little something to share with your family and friends (we know they’re all waiting on Instagram and Facebook!)

Our turn around time for all of your photos is 4 weeks and they’ll be made available via a private online gallery where you can view, share, and download everything and we’ll mail you a USB for you to have as a hard copy. With all of our photos we’ll provide you with high-resolution images (which are really great for printing later down the line). If you’d like to know specifics our photos are 3600 pixels on the longest side at 300 DPI.

For Prints: After you receive your photos and take a moment to look through everything, you select which you’d like printed and at which size and then we’ll print them for you! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

All of our packages include a handful of prints and you are more than welcome to use your selection of prints on your engagement session and/or your wedding! For example: If there are 50 prints in your package and you want 25 photos printed from your engagement session this leaves you with 25 to print from your wedding. If, after your wedding rolls around, you feel like you want more than your remaining balance printed (25 photos) just let us know- we have plenty of A La Carte print options for you to add into your package!

Anything we send to you will be placed in a protective package for safe shipping and then will be sent out via Canada Post. We’ll send you the tracking information + we always require a signature upon delivery just to make sure everything gets to you as securely as possible.

LET’S talk money: what’s your payment breakdown?

We take 3 instalments for payment:

  1. The first is a $600 retainer due upon signing our contract

  2. The next is 50% of your total fee due 4 weeks before your wedding date

  3. The final payment is due after you’ve received your images (which will be 4 weeks from your wedding date), not including your retainer. If you last minute added on anything extra (hours of coverage, prints, etc.) it’ll be added onto your final payment here!


E-Transfer is our preferred method of payment, however we do also accept cheque, and credit card* (Visa, Mastercard, and Amex). We do accept cash, however we do not offer discounts or tax free payments in return for cash.

*CC payments are subject to a 3% processing fee per payment.


One of our biggest job perks is that we frequently get to travel outside of the GTA and visit cities and towns we normally wouldn’t travel to. With that said we do still need gas to get places (and this, and only this, is what our travel fee covers) so we do charge and additional $0.55/km for any locations farther than 40km (one way) from Toronto.

For example: London, ON is 190km from our home base. This means 150km of this travel will be subject to travel fees. Travel for this trip (150km x $0.55/km) will amount to an additional $82.50

Out of province or out of country travel will have to be discussed in more detail but just know: we. are. here. for. it. We like to create more custom packages for destination weddings and often add in an extra day (before or after your wedding) for a couple’s session or even the rehearsal dinner if you’re interested. Get in touch here so we can chat about it more!

are there additional charges for travel?

We absolutely love engagement sessions because they mean that we get to spend a little more time with you, your become a little more comfortable in front of our cameras and then we get to give you more photos of you both celebrating with just each other during this crazy time of wedding planning. Honestly, it’s a win-win all around which is why we include them in our packages at no extra cost.

Engagement sessions can be shot anytime up to 2 months before you wedding, last up to 2 hours long and include as many outfit changes as you can fit into that time frame (typically 2-3). They can happen anywhere meaningful to you, either at home, on a beach, where you had your first date, or even at a park! If you’re stuck on planning this out just let us know, we love to help out!

We always like to send a few preview of photos a few days after we shoot and then your whole session will be completed within 1 week. Your photos will be made available via a private online gallery where you can view, share, and download everything in high resolution and then we’ll also include a copy of your session on your final USB that we’ll send to you following your wedding.


what if i don’t want to shoot an engagement session?

If you’ve already shot your engagement photos with someone else, if we don’t have enough time before your wedding to shoot them, or in general if you don’t want to shoot a session that’s totally ok! We always look for an excuse to shoot together before your wedding (for all of the reasons listed in the previous question) so if you don’t want engagement photos per se you’re welcome to swap out that session for another pre-wedding event; bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, mendhi ceremony, pre-wedding luncheon, another cultural event, etc.

Ultimately, our sessions are included in our packages at no extra cost so to take them out means that there is no price difference. If you want to use it and shoot together that’s great, but if not that’s no problem too!


Full details on our cancellation policy, big fancy shmancy talk and all (just kidding, everything we write is as straightforward and in as much English as possible!), is outlined in our contract but it simply goes like this: If you cancel at anytime, for any reason, we keep your initial retainer + any other payments made. If you reschedule after we’ve signed, should we have that date available we’ll move your payments forward and adjust the contract, turn around times, and payment dates accordingly.

If, for whatever reason, we cancel we’ll notify you in writing and refund any payments that you’ve made.


Digitally: Canon 5DMKIV, Nikon D800, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4, 24-70mm f/2.8, SB700, 430 EXII, MagMod Sphere, and growing.

Film: Although we don’t shoot weddings on film (seriously- kudos to all the photographers who do!) we all have an assortment of film cameras that we use for personal projects/just leisurely; Hasselblad 500c, Mamiya 645, Rollei B35, Minox 35

We all operate on Mac computers (Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro) and always always always always back up our work onto external drives, and 2 cloud storage systems.

Obviously yes!

Stef: Has a weird obsession with disco music and absolutely has to sing out loud if she hears a song that she knows (and she is not a good singer…)

Ethan: Has broken both wrists + his femur + his kneecap while biking. But in separate incidents… except the last 2 :\

Hannah: Has the craziest adoption story for her dog, Blue, you should ask her about it! Also you probably wouldn’t be able to guess how many plants she has inside of her Toronto sized condo……….. (the answer rhymes with shmabout shmirty shmive)

And just because you’ve made it this far down, here’s a photo from when we were kids at school (possibly skipping class? but definitely walking to the Burger King across the street from our campus circa 2012, taken by our friend Lane):



If you have questions about anything not mentioned above, feel free to send us a message here so we can chat more about it!