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What we love most about what we do is how we have the ability to be storytellers; with each wedding, family, and event that we photograph our goal is to bring your stories to life by creating genuine and honest photos. More than anything we love the opportunities to be able to make others happy simply by capturing their love. We aim not only to shoot photos of one of the most important days of your lives, but to also give you an experience that you can cherish forever.

We'd categorize our work somewhere in between documentary and formal meaning that we like to be as unobtrusive as possible, capturing organic and real moments as they happen before us but since we’re also portrait photographers, this means that we also enjoy creating beautiful imagery with our couples, with just the right light, just the right posture, and just the right posing. We work with your comfort level and give as much direction as you need whether it be none at all, or "turn this way and right look here" amount. While our photo style tends to be on the lighter side, we ultimately shoot to our environment; if it's a bright day your photos will reflect that, if there's a dramatic storm brewing behind you, you can bet we'll keep those details in too.

Being fully present throughout your complete wedding process- before, during, and after- is important to us so we only take on a limited amount of weddings per season. This is important to us as it gives us the flexibility to truly invest on our relationship together and focus on you.

Our weddings packages begin at $1,600+HST for 6 hours of coverage- get in touch with us directly for more information!


Creating a connection with our couples is incredibly important to us! We look for easy going people who we can joke with, who get giddy thinking about each other, and who have a clear vision of their wedding day. Couples who can turn a quick meeting into a 2 hour brunch just casually talking about movies, and the best late night eats in the city. Most importantly we look for couples who will let us share our hundreds of photos and stories of our pets and in return share theirs with us too. Couples who are over the moon with each other and people who feel like they talk about their partner too much (you're not, don't worry, we want to hear everything!), couples who don't mind going outside in a little rain, who are adventurous, who'll get a little dirty, and who aren't afraid to share embarrassing stories with us because believe us, we have plenty to share too!

We are especially looking for couples and families who trust us and who will happily allow us to do our thing, and people who know that when something didn’t go according to plan, we did try our absolute best to make it happen. Clients who have gone through our work and understand the type of photos we deliver, the magic we create, and who genuinely love who we are and what we do!

L-R: Stef, Ethan, Hannah // Photo taken by honourary Rosewood member (and Hannah’s husband!) Yiannis Boutsalis, in Greece

L-R: Stef, Ethan, Hannah // Photo taken by honourary Rosewood member (and Hannah’s husband!) Yiannis Boutsalis, in Greece


oh hey, it’s us!

We only have 1 team photo together and this is it. We’re working on taking another one… one day…

The three of us met in 2011 at Sheridan College, earning our BAA's in Photography. We spent 4 years together creating and learning (and occasionally making a group decision not to go to class, oops). At any given moment between 6AM and 11PM on a school night you could find us in the print labs or studio doing schoolwork together. It wasn't until we graduated in 2015 that we each individually wanted to shoot weddings so we all decided, let's do it together. 4 years later and we're still here, still best friends, and still shooting side by side. On most nights you can find us sending each other silly dog videos and dinner recipes in our group chat and maybe occasionally talking about work. We are easy going, obsessed with laughing, and feeding off of each other's energy.


Stef shoots honest and simple portraits and enjoys small subtleties and intimacy amongst her subjects. She often shoots when it is least expected allowing her to capture gracefully tender moments. She finds nothing more heartwarming than being able to document memories that will be shared and passed down for generations to come. She is obsessed with every dog ever and is longing for the day she can adopt her own fur baby. She’s a self-professed workaholic, obsessed and utterly in love with this life and work that she gets to call a job. There's a 11/10 chance you'll find Stef singing and dancing behind her camera during your wedding reception.


Ethan’s work is inspired by the environment as he focuses on his subject’s relationship with their surroundings. He is strategic thinker that enjoys being able to document fleeting moments that showcase strong emotions of love and affection. To him, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to capture genuine and natural interactions. He is a nature boy at heart and loves mountain, road, and long distance biking in his spare time. He enjoys nights out with friends, spending time away at his cottage, and being anywhere surrounded by water. He also spends a lot of his time re-directing Stef away from plant shops because -he thinks- they don’t have any more room in their apartment.


Hannah searches for beauty in quiet and candid moments. She is inspired by the beautiful nature of people, in everyday life, in everyday situations. After falling in love herself, Hannah became heavily influenced by love’s many forms, and wanted nothing more than to document real people and their real love stories. She spends almost every hour of every day with her dog, Blue, mainly because he won’t leave her side for more than 2 minutes. She enjoys gardening, tending to her (embarrassingly) large family of indoor plants, and spending a quiet night in with her husband. Hannah may look cool and collected during your ceremony, but she’ll probably be busy wiping tears away and trying not to sniff obnoxiously.