Wedding Questionnaire

To better help us navigate your wedding day, please fill out the questionnaire below in as much detail as possible.

We have divided this form into multiple sections so it doesn't seem too overwhelming, but it we'll admit that it is a lengthy one as we like to be thorough! We highly recommend getting a big glass of wine, a few snacks, and submitting all of your answers in 1 sitting so we can have all of your information stored together.

Contact Information

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
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Bride's Phone Number
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Groom's Phone Number
Your Mailing Address *
Your Mailing Address
For us to send you goodies post wedding!
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Someone we can get in contact with should you be unavailable/out of reach. Usually one of the brides maids or groom's men
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Emergency Contact Phone Number

Tell Us About Yourselves!

We're getting a bit more personal in this section as we like learn just a little more about you, and also use this information when we blog your wedding + if we try to get your wedding featured!

From a trip, your fave. date night, something hilarious...

The Wedding Party

Please specify who you maid of honor is!
Parents, sister, brother, etc.
Please specify who your Best Man is!
Parents, sister, brother, etc.

Wedding Day Details

Here's where we get more specific! For more information on your timeline or even shot list please reference our Wedding Planning Posts.

Photography Start Time *
Photography Start Time
Photography End Time *
Photography End Time
We always recommend YES!
Family, bridal party, grooms party, couples photos etc.
Before the ceremony at a separate location, after the ceremony during cocktail hour, etc.
Divorce, separations, death, etc.
What time will the BRIDE arrive at the venue? *
What time will the BRIDE arrive at the venue?
What time will the GROOM arrive at the venue? *
What time will the GROOM arrive at the venue?
What time will guests begin to arrive? *
What time will guests begin to arrive?
Dinner Start Time *
Dinner Start Time
When will the first dance, cake cutting, sparkler exit, etc., happen?

Vendor List

We know that so many people are going be working incredibly hard to ensure you have such a wonderful day and we want to give credit where credit is due!

Where possible please provide a contact email address so we can share photos following the wedding.

Final Details

Let us know if there's anything else we're missing! The more information and details you share, the better prepared we are on your big day!