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Tess & Ryan's Camp Manitou Wedding


The last time we were at Camp Manitou was last fall (almost an exact year before this wedding!) and if you’ve read about it, you know how hectic it was; we didn’t really know what was happening, who was who, and even where we were (kidding). We ended up getting that wedding featured on Toronto Life and that’s how Tess + Ryan found us- they said there were pretty much doing the same thing as Julie + Dave’s wedding, at the same location, and were looking for similar photos for their big day! How can we say no?!

We were excited for this wedding because we could finally take it slow and enjoy the camp without feeling nervous or confused! We also ended up staying overnight to avoid a 3hr+ drive home which was super helpful too! This isn’t to say we didn’t enjoy Julie + Dave’s wedding there last year, it was honestly one of our favourite weddings to date, but the sheer stress of not knowing anything was overwhelming at the time.

So let’s get back to Tess + Ryan: They both currently live in San Francisco (and were such a great help when I was there a month or so before their wedding) have been together for 7 years and first met in university- “he was the stroke seat of our rowing team, and I was the coxswain, which meant that I was screaming in his face for four years before we decided we should start dating.”

They both have family in the States and Canada so they decided to have a camp wedding to bring some of their friends/family over here to experience something they don’t really do over there- Tess mentioned that a lot of her family was confused at the idea of bunk beds haha. They treated their “big day” as something super casual, actually calling it a “Regatta” and handing out “field guides” to all of their guests. They were more focused on everyone coming together and enjoying themselves rather than the actual idea of getting married. This could also be because they ended up legally getting married in SF a couple of months before their celebratory weekend over here, but also because they’re that cool and laid back.

See some photos from their wedding and read more down below! (Click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

they had a lot planned for the weekend to keep all of their guest entertained

Yoga, basketball courts, rope climbing, archery, and even an actual regatta on Saturday morning! When the time came for them to get changed/ready, Tess + Ryan did so together. They hid away for a little bit so they could do a reveal with each other, but all in all it was a very sweet and unique experience being able to spend all day with one another.

It was relatively warm throughout the day (comfortable enough to just wear a sweater while walking around) but by the time their ceremony came around later in the afternoon it had cooled quite a bit (and being beside the water didn’t help too much either) but everyone seemed to put it behind them, and really just appreciate and take in the celebratory event.

See more photos from their ceremony down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

Tess and Ryan had a large shot list to get through and we had hoped to knock a few names off of the list before the ceremony, but…

In typical wedding fashion things were running a little behind so family formals got pushed to post-ceremony. We’re generally pretty proud of how efficient we are with group photos but T+R’s group is probably the largest we’ve ever done (think: 10+ people for each grouping + a massive full family photo which was almost all of their guests in total- check it out down below). I don’t think we would have been able to 1. find everyone on the list and 2. make sure that we the right people in each grouping if it wasn’t for their planner, Shelby (thank you!!!).

Speaking of Shelby, her and her team beautifully turned the mess hall into a warm, cozy and rustic space with plenty of string lights, Tess’ step-mom’s flower bundles, and a canoe full of beer- how cool?! The rest of the evening was spent eating some great food and desserts (like a whole DIY sundae table and another table with various pies!!), and dancing until the late hours of the night!

See more photos from their reception down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

(Shot by Ethan + Stef)

Thank you so much for having us Tess + Ryan! We’re so happy you found us and brought us along for your wedding weekend extravaganza! We can’t wait to cross paths with you again in the future, either here or in California!


Planner: Shelby Pennington Events

Venue, Accommodations & Catering: Camp Manitou

Florist: Sue Hanrahan (Tess’ Step-Mom!)

Bride’s Dress: Watters from BHLDN

Bride’s Shoes: Crown Vintage

Wedding Rings: Inherited (Tess) + Blue Nile (Ryan)

Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Groom’s Shoes: Warfield & Grand Footware

Pies: Mrs. Wilson’s Kitchen

Band: Main Event Music