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Teresa & Deanna's Hamilton Engagement Hike

it’s engagement season and we are so excited that we got to kick it off by taking a hike with these two!

Teresa & Deanna, much like every single person ever (us included!), don’t love getting their photo taken. Can we blame them though? Let’s be real, it’s a weird experience; two people with big cameras in your face, in your hands, telling you to move or turn in weird ways, or to “do that again” but you’re not even sure what you were doing in the first place? So after a couple of hours and by the end of our shoot when they had noticeably loosened up, we felt so. good. Our number one reason for doing engagement sessions is so you can get comfortable with us, so you can relax, and so come your big day we all just slip into the same groove we were in, at your engagement session and we all flow and shoot seamlessly together! Photoshoots are weird and you’re going to feel out of your comfort zone at first but by the end of it you should be in a good rhythm together, you should understand a bit more how we work behind the camera and with giving you direction, and to top it all off you’ll making these really cute memories together that are being documented forever and that’s exactly what happened at this shoot!

For this session T+D decided that they wanted to go for a hike together and we kept waiting for the perfect day to roll around but after rescheduling a couple of times we realized that perfect spring day wasn’t going to happen so we just said “this day, rain or shine, we’ll do it.” It ended up being an overcast and slightly rainy day but it worked in our favour because the trails and pathways we walked along were much emptier than they would have been if it was a sunny and warm day. We visited a couple of different locations in the Hamilton/Ancaster area, even stopping in at what looks like might be a new favourite shooting spot of ours- Sherman Falls.

We were so close to the Ancaster Mill- where their wedding will be taking place!- that we also took some time to do a site visit at the end of our shoot. We love being able to do a site visit beforehand, especially if it’s somewhere we’ve never shot at before, but we even more so we love being able to walk around the property with our couples so that we can all talk it through together, ask questions about set up and what things will look like on the day of, and even make photo suggestions and get feedback from them as we go (for example, “after the ceremony we can do the big group photo here, what do you think? Would you want to walk over here for photos? Do you think we can pop out and go here for photos at sunset?”)

Anyways this was such a fun shoot that made us that much more excited for their wedding day next month! See more photos down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

(Shot by Hannah & Stef)

Thank you for bringing us along on this hike T+D! We are so very much looking forward to your wedding this year can’t wait to celebrate with you!