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Shelly & Aman's Lakeshore Engagement Session


They both knew and it just happened. They'll be getting married in India next year, but since we're still in Toronto it was only fitting to shoot their engagement session here! 

With the crazy amounts of rain that we've been getting this summer, it almost felt unavoidable that we would have to reschedule a few shoots because of the weather, and that's exactly what happened with Shelly + Aman. Many. Times. After a few attempts at trying to shoot but getting rained out, we finally put our foot down and said whatever the weather, let's do it! and we headed to Lakeshore to shoot. It was probably a million degrees, and we were all sweating so much by the end of it, but I couldn't be happier with how everything (finally) turned out! 

The great part about shooting on the lake is being able to see storm clouds rolling in from a distance so we were able to time our shoot perfectly! We started on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge and worked our way on, off, below, and over the bridge for this shoot. Although none of us have had the opportunity to shoot an Indian wedding *yet* Shelly + Aman were very sweet to answer the million little questions I had about their wedding customs and traditions, what to expect, what happens when, and overall give me a little mini-lesson in between shots. Great weather, beautiful photos, and learning something new! A perfect shoot, on a perfect day!

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(shot by Stef)

Although it took a while to get together, thank you Shelly + Aman for having us capture your engagement photos for you! Wishing you both all of the best this winter!