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Rachel & Chris' Toronto Island Engagement Session

Rachel & Chris left their cozy homes in London last spring to visit Toronto

And when they told us they wanted to get their engagement photos taken while they were here too, we were so excited to spend an afternoon adventuring with them! We were connected with Rachel & Chris through a mutual friend, and there are just some people you can hit it off with, right off the bat, and these two are exactly that! We decided to head to the Toronto Islands to shoot for a little bit and when we just missed the ferry and had to spend 40 minutes waiting for the next one, standing around and just chatting was not a problem at all (especially when it's about how many restaurants, ok poutineries, R+C could fit into their schedule before heading back home).

*Ed. note, we re-edited these photos in June 2019 and updated them in this post. (Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through!)

(shot by Stef)

The most amazing part of this session (other than making it back to the subway exactly before it started pouring- what luck!) was when Rachel & Chris told us that they haven't taken any new photos together in years! As amazing as it is to be surrounded by so much love and happiness all the time, it's also an absolute privilege to document and capture people, and be able to give them new memories together!

So thank you Rachel & Chris for taking some time out of your vacation in Toronto, and spending it with us, and allowing us to capture you both together!