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Rachel & Brandon's Country Club Wedding in King City


I don't think there was ever really a dry eye throughout Rachel + Brandon's wedding this past September. Between all of the laughter, happiness, and sheer amount of love between absolutely everyone in the building, there was a constant flow of tears throughout the day.

If you're the kind of person that doesn't like being the centre of attention, being constantly called to the stage, or having allllll eyes on you at all times, then you're like Rachel (and me- Stef!). It's hard not to feel overwhelmed on any wedding day that you're involved in, let alone your own. When Rachel and Brandon did their first look she started crying, and after things calmed down Brandon started laughing. I gave him a weird look to which he immediately responded saying "she's really overwhelmed right now". I obviously know that Rachel + Brandon are great, and they we were such a pleasure their whole year leading up to their wedding, but it wasn't until that moment when I really knew they're the best and that we (Rachel and I) are much more alike than I thought.

See more photos from their wedding at King Valley Golf Club down below! (Click the photos to enlarge and browse through


A few getting ready photos, first look, couples session and family photos before their ceremony meaning that all of the most time-pressed and stressful moments of your big your (other than walking down the aisle) are all done and over with leaving the rest of the day to celebrate and unwind amongst your family and friends and not running away for photos. 

The beginning of the day was a bit grey so we didn't know until later in the day if ceremony was going to be in or outdoors. Fortunately we lucked out with perfectly blue and clear skies, brisk weather, and a bright, strong sunset!

(shot by Stef)

Thank you Rachel & Brandon for having us at your wedding, we couldn't be more thankful for working with the most wonderful, and trusting, couple in the world!