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Pam & Tyler's East End Wedding in Toronto


And although Catherine & Kelly are the first wedding we ever ended up shooting together, Pam & Tyler were the first people we booked a year in advance. When our friend told us about his friends looking for a wedding photographer we didn't know where we would be at that time, or what we'd be doing (we hadn't even graduated yet!), but what we did know is that we wanted to do it! 

When people ask us how we came to be we always explain how we all went to Sheridan College together, studied photography, laughed, cried, and died in the print labs at 6AM or 11PM on any given night, and eventually expressed to each other that we wanted to shoot weddings after graduating. And that's what we did. That's what we do.

Even when we first talked to P + T and tried our best to explain to them that although we haven't shot a single wedding yet we know we can do it, and we know it'll be great; they put their complete faith into us and trusted us to shoot for them, even as #newbz (Probably because they're coolest most relaxed people we've ever met, but we like to think we made a good case for ourselves when we met up).

Their wedding took place at Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto; the tables in the shop were pushed to the sides to make space for people to walk freely, and the ceremony was on their small stage in the corner of the shop. After the ceremony two things happened: food and dancing. There was no formal sit down dinner but better yet a Caplansky's food truck, ice cream truck, a popcorn machine, and a cotton candy maker for guests to visit when they wish. Have we mentioned they're the most relaxed people we've ever met?

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(shot by Hannah + Stef)

Infinite thanks to Pam + Tyler for trusting us and bringing us along to this insanely fun wedding!

(Extra thanks from Stef because I shot this wedding 1 day after returning from vacation and shooting through the night 100% helped with my jetlag!)