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Ethan's Winter Bike Riding Trip Around Maui


In an effort to 1. put some warm weather vibes out into the world with the hopes that we'll actually get it back and 2. share more of our own lives we've decided to showcase some non-wedding related and personal photos with you! Today we're starting with Ethan's Maui vacation from last winter. Read and see more down below...

About one month into winter last year my good friend Alessandro started suggesting we do a trip over the winter and get away somewhere warm where we could ride our bikes, explore, and relax. Of course this sounded great to me and once we found cheap flights, it was decided-  we were going to Maui. Because our flights were cheap we had to make a few stop overs which meant the first day of the trip was spent, un-excitedly, on planes and in airports. When we did finally arrive, deplane, and get our luggage it was 11pm local time. We packed relatively light as we planned on travelling by bike most of the time, and we didn't want to load them up too much. We built our bikes in the airport and rode off to our hostel we were both so dead tired but so happy to be riding around in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of January. 

Al's girlfriend, Justine, joined us less then a week in at which point we rented a car and left the hostel with 2 days to kill before our next accommodations were arranged. We decided to take a drive across the island to a campsite on ocean at the base of the volcano Haleakala. The sites on this coastline were beautiful; there was such intense contrast between the black volcanic rock and the lush greenery all around it, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! After that we stayed in Kihei in a metal shack compound (yes, you read that right). Our time in Kihei was spent exploring different beaches and watching roller hockey at night. It actually ended being far better then any of us could have hoped, and we all enjoyed our days there. We ended our time in Kihei by driving up the Haleakala. Our rental was not too happy about climbing 10,000ft (literally- the coolant was boiling by the top). Once up there we went for a short 45 minute hike but even that was very exhausting because of the elevation and how thin the air was.

The next day we drove back to the base of the mountain and we decided to cut out the first 3,000ft of climbing (the section is mostly country roads and leads from the ocean to the actual base of the mountain at a very slow incline) We started biking up at 7,000ft over the course of 4.5 hours getting to the top. The distance was only 35 kilometers  but the elevation was killer. I can honestly say that at the time, this was the most challenging thing I have done in my life but the feeling of making it to the top was amazing and certainly worth the struggle. The descent back down was equally worth it, as we got to coast 35km back down to the car. During the descent we even got to pass through the cloudline which left us coated in a fine mist- check this out!

After that ride we had an incredible sleep in our trusty rental car before we returned it the next morning and set off to the nice tourist town of Lahaina. Camping in Hawaii on public land isn't as easy as we had hoped so we ended up stashing our stuff on an abandoned construction site which would be our home for the next few days.  During our time in Lahaina we were mostly just beach bums and by this leg of the trip we felt we deserved to be.

See more photos from the trip below (Click the photos to enlarge and browse through) Shot on a Olympus XA2 35mm camera with Kodak Portra 400

(Shot by Ethan)

Have you been the Maui before? What did you do and see? Would you go back? Share with us in the comments below!