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Maria + Matt's Quaint Wedding at the Elmhurst Inn


We knew they were great when we met with them for the first time about a year and a half ago, that belief was reaffirmed at their engagement shoot this past summer, and as if we needed to further solidify that fact, spending the day with them in Ingersoll at their wedding was such a blast!

You know the saying time flies when you’re having fun? Being at their wedding was like that, but time went slowly. We were only with M+M for a few hours but it honestly felt like half of a day by the time we were done. I was worried about not being able to capture enough with the time we had; maybe we’d miss something important after we left, or maybe they’d feel weird about asking us to stay longer so maybe they wouldn’t do it (which btw, it’s 1000% to ask- we encourage it actually!). Once our time was up, I was surprised at how much we got done within that time and we left feeling happy and confident that we’d still be able to deliver a full gallery featuring all of the important moments of the day.

Their wedding was at the Elmhurst Inn & Spa in Ingersoll; a cute little retreat just north of Toronto, the perfect little place for getting ready in the morning, the wedding ceremony itself, and for private dinner/dancing celebrations (in a separate rustic space). Their ceremony was originally supposed to be outside but with the cold and wet weather it got moved indoors. We got everyone to brave the chilly weather though (thank you!!!) for family photos, then we took a short break to warm up back indoors before heading back outside again.

While our shooting style tends to be on the brighter side the bridal suite really reflected the weather outside, so it was filled with only a little bit of soft light; we ended up shooting a few darker than usual portraits before the ceremony began, and then some moodier portraits when we were taking a small breather before dinner.

I think one of the reasons why we love Maria + Matt so much is because they remind me of us (Ethan and Stef, that is); they’re absolutely in love and obsessed with each other, but they’re kind of coy about it. They play it off like NBD and I’m guessing that when they’re around new people, they don’t assume that they’re a couple (well I mean, that’s at least what happens to us haha).

They met when they used to work at a book store together. Maria was Matt’s superior and was into him, so she kept scheduling them with shifts together (something I would 10/10 do too). Matt was nervous but ended up asking Maria out anyways… and here we are 4 years later!

Check out some of their wedding photos down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

(Shot by Ethan + Stef)

Thank you thank you M+M for having us along your journey over the last little while- we’ve had such a blast working with you and capturing your love!