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Maria & Matt's Sunset Engagement Session in Port Credit


These two are really great conversationalists (and not just your typical ‘what have you been up to lately’ chit chat, we’re talking, ‘oh that’s a great question’ kind of talk), Matt is absolutely in love and obsessed with Maria- which of course isn’t to say that she doesn’t feel the same way, she does, promise!!- Maria is not a fan of PDA, and after we finished, we walked away feeling 110% more excited for their upcoming wedding!

We probably sound like a broken record at this point but there are so many incredible reasons why having an engagement session is important and these two really drive those points home. They were excited about shooting and finally having some photos together, but they felt nervous; we talked a lot before we started shooting, and they even joked about how they were talking to avoid shooting (which is not unusual btw). As we talked, walked, and shot more, they slowly but surely became more comfortable being in front of the camera, even showing a little bit of PDA ;). Other than being able to see these two before their wedding and catching up on the last year since we last saw them, it was nice for them to get their ‘in-front-of-the-camera-jitters’ out of the way now rather than having them on their wedding day, so we were super thrilled with how our whole session went!

You can’t go wrong with shooting at sunset and doing so by the water is the cherry on top of the cake! When Maria suggested shooting at Port Credit we were excited; it’s somewhere Ethan bikes to all the time and somewhere my friends and I used to hang out after high school, and somewhere Maria + Matt spend their time together, so really an all-in-all sentimental location for everyone.

See more photos from this session down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

(Shot by Ethan + Stef)

Thanks for hanging out with us M+M! This session was exactly the perfect amount of inspiring and relaxing, and exactly what we needed in the middle of our busy season!