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Karen & Darin's Intimate Muskoka Cottage Wedding

ALTHOUGH IT WAS DARK AND GLOOMY WHEN WE ARRIVED TO THE COTTAGE, It was STILL by far the nicest piece of property we'd ever visited in Huntsville!

All 3 of us are up in the Muskoka area several times a year, but we had never seen such a beautifully built cottage! Once we got settled inside and started taking photos, Karen and Darin's family welcomed us with open arms and kept everyone optimistic about the weather the entire time. 

We were originally hired by Karen's friend Yu, and it was our first time conversing with both Karen and Darin themselves after hearing so much about them!

Originally the families had planned to have an outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of the lake, and the reception both in and outside of the cottage, but the weather was not cooperating with our wishes. Neither Karen nor Darin wanted to take the chance of having an outdoor ceremony in case the sun didn't stay out.

Karen looked absolutely stunning, and we could just feel the shift in her excitement after she put the dress on. Once she was dressed, she became quiet, focused, and confident. We quickly took photos while the sun shifted in an out of the clouds, while the guests and family members prepared for an indoor wedding.

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As Karen collected her thoughts in her room, the guests and family members waited patiently for the ceremony to begin. Darin's brother played the guitar beautifully and serenaded Karen and her father to the reception.  Everyone was beaming as Karen came out! Darin's rosy cheeks blushed, and once their eyes locked from across the room, they didn't look away again. It truly was one of the most intimate settings we've ever been in!

After the ceremony ended, Karen and Darin took a few moments to themselves to celebrate, while we scouted locations outside during a brief period of rain-less overcast. 

During our couples sessions when we're directing our clients on how to comfortably and naturally pose without seeming too awkward- we always show our photos as they're being taken! Don't be afraid to ask your photographer how the photos are looking. You're paying for your pictures, and if you don't like the way you're posing, smiling, or clenching your fist- simply being aware of these things can help you feel and look better! 

As the skies started to clear from rain, and as our time with Karen and Darin quickly came to an end, we left behind the beautiful little cottage and quickly rushed to Lion's Lookout on Jack Lake in Huntsville, Ontario for more photos with the newlywed couple. The rolling thunderclouds and warm winds provided the most beautiful atmosphere for us to take pictures. Karen switched her elegant flats to flip flops in case the ground was muddy, and Daren carried her around so she wouldn't get her dress dirty!

(shot by Stef + Hannah)

It was the most beautiful ending to a beautiful day! Thank you Karen and Darin for having us document your big day, and thank you Yu for getting in contact with us and making this all possible! This is a wedding that we'll never forget.