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Justin's Proposal at the Toronto Reference Library

when justin sent us a description of how he wanted to propose to kate we were almost in tears…

Here’s their story in Justin’s words:

I'm planning on proposing to Kate [at] the Toronto Reference Library [it] is where we had our first foodie date (they held a catering showcase in an event room) and I've been messaging the event coordinator for a few months to see if I can borrow the room for about an hour between their events. I was gonna tell Kate another food event was gonna happen again then having a single dining table set for 2 waiting. Assuming she says yes, **spoiler, she did!** after we're both done crying the plan is hop on a plane to Chicago so our first dinner as an engaged couple is at Alinea […] and spend 4 nights in Chicago eating everything ever…

We met with Justin the week before the proposal to do a small site visit with him and to chat more about what he was planning and he. was. nervous. I mean, who wouldn’t be, especially when you’ve been keeping this huge surprise for 3 months?! When the day finally rolled around, Justin’s dad and friend Natasha brought over their decor- a beautiful wooden box, with Kate’s engagement ring hidden inside, a matching pair of chopsticks and a few bouquets of flowers by Bellwoods Blooms. Justin’s dad was caught in traffic so as we waited for him to arrive we moved all of the tables and chairs around to create this beautiful open area that looked better than the set up was before, and (more importantly) so we had our own clear space to shoot when they arrived.

We hid around corners, behind pillars, and Natasha and Justin’s dad ducked themselves behind the kitchen counter and after they arrived and started walking up towards the table we made ourselves visible and started snapping away! After Kate said yes, Justin’s dad and Natasha came running around to greet the newly engaged couple and that’s when it became an all out cry fest! I remember hearing Kate exclaim “I’m so happy you’re here!”

They didn’t stay long because they had to catch their flight to Chicago- well actually, to go home and pack first then book it back across town to the airport- so after anther loving embrace, and what I assume was confusion on Kate’s part as she was still trying to wrap her head around everything that just happened, they took off!

See more photos from their proposal down below, click the photos to enlarge and browse through…

(Shot by Hannah & Stef)

Thank you so much for having us J+K! We were nervous but thrilled to be able to capture this milestone in your lives :’)