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How To Help Your Photographer Prepare For Your Wedding Day


We’re sure that it feels like 100 different people need 100 different things from you and you're becoming overwhelmed and you know what… that’s completely normal, it's not just you who feels this way, don't worry! While we can't quite tell you how to co-ordinate your Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob's cab ride to/from the hotel to the venue, or cousin Jerry's last minute +1 wedding date, what we do know well is ourselves. 

We know a thing or two about what an ideal day on our end looks like and while there's no such thing as perfect, we can definitely share a few tips + tricks with you on how to make things easier for us so you can get the most out of your photo experience!

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A shot list is something that is so incredibly important for us and something that we not only share/enforce for weddings but for all events that we shoot! If you don't know what a shot list is, take a quick read here!

For weddings we like to dig a little deeper than just your average list- we like to ask for names in advance too! At the very least for your immediate family, bridal party and groomsmen, and any other important people we'll be spending lots of time with! There are so many people we'll be interacting with throughout the day and while most people introduce themselves, we'll admit to not always remembering  because so much is happening. Having a little extra time to remember names and then simply put the name to the face when the big day rolls around is incredibly helpful and also helps us create a connection with your family, friends, and guests!



While for the most part we're pretty relaxed, when it comes to schedules we can be very OCD about making and having one. A big part about having a comprehensive schedule of the day is having no surprises. Are you supposed to be somewhere at 2PM? Is your cake cutting supposed to happen at 9PM but we didn't know so we're on the dance floor taking photos of Aunt Ruby trying to floss?!

It's rare for wedding schedules to go exactly as planned but knowing what to expect throughout the day helps us be prepared for whatever does happen, whether it be physically putting ourselves in the right location and position for your surprise dance entrance, or even adjusting our cameras to go outside for a sparkler exit. Being ahead of your guests really helps us too; knowing where to go and when helps us get ahead of the crowds and allows us not have to elbow our way to the front just to get better photos than everyone else (because yes, this does happen).



And by items we mean:

  • Your rings*

  • Invitations + stationary (your full set: invite, envelope, RSVP card + return envelope with a stamp, even your dinner menu- everything from your calligrapher!)

  • Perfume

  • Shoes

  • Any other important jewellery you'll be wearing (necklace, bracelet, earrings)

  • Veil

  • Bouquet + boutonnieres

    • Optional: Ask your florist for a few extra loose flower pieces so we can incorporate them into detail photos!

  • Any other sentimental pieces you'd like photographed!


 *It's customary for the BM to hold onto the wedding rings on the day of, but hand them off to your MOH just for the morning so they can be with everything else and we don't have to go searching for them! This is also great too because if the groom is at a different location all together, we don't have to photograph your items separately!



Not every wedding is the same so it can be hard to determine what you think we should know in advance. We have a questionnaire we send to our couples shortly before their wedding that covers a wide array of topics and a few of those are:

  • Are there any personal family situations that we should be sensitive to? (for example: divorce, death, should one person not be around another person for a long time?, should we not bring up he-who-should-not-be-named?)

  • Are there any special traditions that will be happening beforehand? If so, what are they, and what can we expect to happen? (IE: breaking plates, playing games, sage burning ceremony)

  • Vendor List- We're firm believers in giving credit where credit is due, and we just know that there are so many people working together to bring your big day to life so we like to ask for this in advance so we can share photos on the go with everyone and also to connect with them afterwards!


Married friends- is there anything you wish your photographer(s) knew beforehand?  Share your words of wisdom with us down below!