How To Find Your Wedding Photographer


Whether it's someone to shoot your proposal, engagement session, or even bridal shower,  photography plays such a large role in your wedding story from start to finish! Finding the right wedding photographer to capture your big day is no easy task- there are so many things to consider and so many people to look through- but we've narrowed down the top points on how to find your perfect fit.

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The first thing you'll see when searching for your wedding photographer will be their portfolio! Take a look through their work- weddings and engagements- and see if their photographic style resonates with you.

Our style is best described as light + airy; we like bright photos, white whites, and a little bit of contrast. We all also are portrait photographers so we absolutely love when we can get away with you to simply photograph you and the love of your life, intimately celebrating together. Couples portraits aside, we tend to take a documentary approach to the rest of the day; we like to shoot as if we're a fly on the wall, not be too intrusive, and capture real and genuine moments as they happen. 


You have a lot on your mind, so don't be afraid to ask! A lot of photographers will have a Frequently Asked Questions section that can answer your questions right off the bat, but if you still have more don't hesitate to reach out! If a photographer doesn't have full wedding galleries posted on their website, or publicly accessible client reviews, ask to see them. Your photographer is someone who you're going to entrust to capture one of the biggest days of your lives so you want to make sure you're comfortable and confident in your choice!

We always like to encourage couples to check out our blog posts! When we blog weddings we don't only share 10-20 of the best of the best photos of the day, we like to give people a whole overview (also we'll admit that we're pretty bad at narrowing down photos too). Want to know what our before + after photo editing looks like? No problem, here you go!  We absolutely love when we're chatting with people and they reference some of our other work, it means a lot to us that you've taken the time to look through our site.


Your wedding photographer is someone who you're going to be working with for more than 12 hours on your wedding day. They'll be shooting your engagement session, maybe even bridal shower or another pre-wedding event, and then when your day is over, they'll still be working with you after your wedding so it's safe to say that you want to find someone who you genuinely enjoy.

When we first meet with clients we like to ensure that more than 1 person is there; generally the 2 people who go to the first meeting will end up being your wedding photographers. We also make sure that the same 2 people who will be photographing your wedding will also shoot your engagement photos- we want you to get to know us as much as possible (and vice versa) so that by the time your wedding roles around you're relaxed, comfortable, and we can give you the best photos possible! 


It's difficult to know where someone will be or what will be happening a year or even a year and a half from now. People get sick, emergencies come up, and things happen- we're only human!- so it's important to know what your photographer's back up plan is incase they can't make it.

For us, we're lucky to be a team of 3! We always offer 2 photographers, and in case one of us gets sick (or breaks a leg: Ethan), there's always someone else ready to step in. If 2 of us are still unable to make it, there's still 1 more person who will be there for you! We all have photographed weddings, engagements, and events by ourselves and would never leave you high and dry on one of the biggest days of your lives. Ain't nobody got time for stress like that!


It's probably strange for this point to be last on the list as it's more than likely on the top of yours- we definitely understand that. Have you ever looked through your friends wedding photos? Your parents? Your grandparents, even? After your wedding is all set and done your photographs will be the only tangible memory of your wedding day that you'll be able to look back on months, years, and even generations later. Your decor will be taken down, clothing will be cleaned and put into storage, and your flowers will only last so long. You will have your photos forever. (You'll actually have photos of your decor and flowers)That means your wedding photography is an investment; you are investing in lifelong memories that you will share with your family and friends, and eventually even pass onto your children and their children too. 

Brides: What was the most important aspect/thing/quality of your wedding photographer and photography that you looked for when you were searching?

Brides-to-be: Is there something else on this list that you're keeping an eye open for in your search? Share with us below!