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Gina & Graeme's Intimate Toronto Elopement


We're not sure how we keep coming across these last minute weddings this season *cough*point #2 over here*cough* but we truly are happy to meet these incredible couples and step in where we're needed! As you can imagine the biggest down fall of taking on these less-than-24hrs-notice-weddings is not having a very clear idea on what's happening. For this wedding we knew 2 things: Meet at the Fairmont Royal York at 430PM, and then we're (maybe) going to Canyon Creek afterwards. As per always we arrived early and were able to quickly chat with Gina + Graeme on what the plan for the evening was, as well as learn a little more about them! 

G + G first met when they both worked at the Fairmont Royal York, specifically on the 19th floor! Anyone who has ever left their workplace and then casually returned knows how annoying it can be to run into old co-workers (and can you imagine, on your wedding day?!) so we made sure to move quickly and quietly around the hotel. The 19th floor is a private space dedicated to corporate meetings and events, and being there so late in the day we were lucky to have no one else around!

After we took a few photos around the hotel we took the 3 minute walk to the Canyon Creek up the block to meet up with Gina and Graeme's immediate family. We paused along the way to take a few photos but with all the foot and driving traffic in the area (and for downtown at 5PM there was a lot!) and the chilly weather, we didn't stay out too long.

We were so pleased to run into Paula Da Nova when we arrived at the restaurant, as she is the same officiant who performed Van + John's City Hall wedding! When G+G realized they forgot their marriage certificate at their hotel (a harmless 20 minute delay) we took the opportunity to catch up with Paula and chat with Gina more about their plans for their larger wedding in the future.

The ceremony was performed in the restaurant's private room with only their parents and siblings- a total of 14 people including us. We really could not have asked for a better editing break than this; we're so happy that our stars aligned for Gina + Graeme's big, but quiet, day!

View more photos down below (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)

(shot by Stef)

Thank you for having us Gina + Graeme! We're so happy to have found you (especially so last minute!) and could not be more thankful that we were able to capture your love!


Venue: Fairmont Royal York (for photos) and Canyon Creek (for the ceremony and reception)

Bride's Dress: ASOS

Bride's Shoes: Mother of the Bride's shoes (the same she wore on her wedding day!)

Bride's Bracelet: Swarovski (Graeme's first gift to Gina)

Bouquet: Fran Sackler Floral Designs

Groom's Suit: Moore's

Officiant: Paula Da Nova