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Georgia & Mark's Local Wedding at The Doctor's House


Georgia and Mark knew that a lot of people who would go to their wedding in Greece wouldn't be able to come if it was in Canada, and a lot of people in Canada wouldn't be able to go to Greece. They fixed this problem by having 2 weddings, obviously: 1 destination and 1 local.

Their local wedding took place at one of our favourite venues, The Doctor's House. This wedding happened over Thanksgiving weekend so, of course, traffic on the road was absolutely insane meaning so many guests were late to arrive. This worked out in our favour though as time went on waiting for important guests to arrive (like the bride's brother!) the sun began to set and left us with the most beautiful, swoon worthy, golden light! Since the sun was so low the light in the chapel became dark and moody; something I am absolutely obsessed with as it's such a large contrast between all of the other light and bright photos we normally shoot.

This technically wasn't a second wedding as much as it was a vow renewal but it was a lovely gesture for everyone who wasn't at the actual wedding to witness- including a few older family members who weren't able to travel.

Following the 'wedding' the rest of the night was filled with our 3 favourite D's- dinner, drinks, and dancing! Lots. Of. Dancing.

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(Shot by Ethan and Stef)

We cannot thank you enough G+M for bringing us along on your journey with you! It's such an amazing feeling being apart of even part of people's lives in this way so having the opportunity to be involved beginning to end is something we'll cherish forever.

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