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Dancefloor Fun

i honestly don’t know what it is about dancing photos that bring us so much joy

Maybe it’s how funny and surprised some people look when the flash goes off, maybe it’s how much fun we have slowing our shutter speed down and creating long lines of light, or maybe it’s just because it’s so damn fun singing and dancing!?

Receptions have slowly become one of our favourite parts of the day to photograph. I think we can agree that weddings are pretty high stress, right? Once the ceremony is over, family formals are done, and everyone’s seated at dinner, I think that’s when couples begin to loosen up a bit. But when the lights get low and the high energy music kicks in (ABBA, Solange, Bruno Mars, Robyn), that’s when everyone let’s it all go and dances it out!

Without rambling on too much about our love for dancing, here are a few of our favourite late night dancing photos that put a big ol’ smile on our face:


PS. Here are some very cool and fun music vendors we’ve worked with: Soul Motivators, Sky Lion Productions, Main Event Music

What are you favourite dancing songs friends? Share with us below!