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Behind the Scenes: What's In Our Camera Bag


Winter for us is all about recharging (ourselves and all of our camera batteries), meeting new couples, and planning for our next season. We're pretty excited for all that 2018 has in store for us, so much so that even though our first wedding of the year is still a couple of months out, we have already started prepping our bags!

See an overview + more detailed breakdown on our gear down below... (click the photos to enlarge and browse through)


(Left) Nikon D800 with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens

I can't tell you how long I was waiting for this camera body! My very first camera was a Nikon D90 which was great to start off with but for years rumours were floating around that Nikon's D700 was going to be upgraded. Years. I'm happy I didn't cave and stuck it out for this bad boy because it has been my absolute rock over the last few years with *knock on wood* no issues. I love working with a prime (fixed length) lens and this, arguably, is the perfect portrait lens. Being able to go down to f/1.4 allows for photos to look extra dreamy and we can still shoot in low light scenarios no problem.

(Right) Nikon D800 with a Tamron 28-70mm f/2.8 Lens

(Not pictured in the overview photo as it was used to take the photo)

Same camera body but with a zoom lens. This Tamron lens is our go to for group, overall room shots, as well as wedding ceremonies when we're trying to be un-intrusive but still get those close shots. Being able to go down to f/2.8 also allows for dreamy portraits and being able to work well in low light conditions.


(Left) Pelican CF Card Case and HDE SD Card Case

Our cameras shoot dual slot with both CF and SD card option and on wedding days when things are hectic and crazy having to switch memory cards in the middle of something important is the last thing we want to do. We shoot either to both cards (one as a main and the other as an overflow) or to duplicate (where everything that goes onto one card is also copied to another)

Most of our memory cards are 64gb and a few are 32gb which hold about 800 (64gb) and 400 (32gb) photos per card. I love these from Amazon, and they're also great because they go on sale sometimes!

(Right) Nikon SB 700 Speedlight

(Another speedlight is not pictured here as it was used to light these photos)

While we try out best to shoot with natural light as much as possible sometimes we have to whip these guys out if rooms are too dark and then, of course, they eventually are out for the remainder of the night when the sun goes down and all the dancing begins!


(Left) Nikon EN-EL15 Batteries and AA Batteries

Batteries are truly our lifeline! We always always have spare, fully charged, batteries in our bags. For longer days sometimes we'll bring our charger to plug in at the reception so we can continue swapping charged batteries throughout the evening.

Our speedlights take 4 x AA batteries each so we always carry a fresh batch with us because they go quick! For a long time I had batteries just floating in a bag pocket but would always get confused as to which ones were dead and which were new, so I took 2 baggies and labelled one 'DONE' so old ones can go in there.

(Right) Business Cards, Lens Cleaners, and Gum

A few miscellaneous things but important things in our bag also include our business cards* (of course), lens brushes which are extremely handy if things get dusty or dirty, and gum because gum is always handy to have!

*Business cards made by the wonderful Laura Keung at Fresh Art & Design


(Above) Jo Totes Bellbrook Backpack

And this is where it all goes! For a long time I was using a side/messenger style bag that was great but as our gear got heavier and days got longer having an uneven distribution of weight on my shoulders and back was becoming very tiresome. I love this bag because 1. it's a backpack- even weight distribution is the key to success- and  2. it's divided into 4 easily accessible sections where I can both fit and get to everything I need quick and easily!

Definitely do recommend, however (a suggestion from a "friend") do not use your bag for the first time at a  shoot at a construction site because you will get dirt and saw dust everywhere right off the bat *face palm* 

And that's it friends! Have any specific questions about our gear? Is there anything you want to see more Behind the Scenes of? Share with us in the comments below!