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All About Stef



What does your day to day look like at Rosewood?

Day to day is always different, sometimes it’s a shooting day, sometimes it’s an editing day, sometimes it’s all the not fun stuff (accounting, admin, backing things up) day etc. I can tell you what my constants are though: A tea in the morning (in the largest mug I have) then usually another after I finish that one haha. I make sure our Instagram and FB post for the day is up, then I’ll lurk around IG and see what people have been up to and then usually once/week I’ll batch queue a bunch of new posts. I’ll also draft up some blog posts and I chip away at it throughout the week. I tend to our inbox, so I’ll follow up with people, schedule meetings etc. I’m obsessed with spreadsheets (as any and every Type A person would be) so I always like to make sure ours is as up to date as possible!

What are you most looking forward to this wedding season?

There isn’t one wedding in particular (yet) that I’m looking forward to, I’m more excited about the overall season! I love being super busy all the time, I love back to back wedding weekends and shooting as much as possible! When the season’s over I’m mostly sad that I’m not shooting anymore and have to spend more time on my computer than behind my camera hahah.

Your dream wedding (to shoot): Who, What, Where?

Anywhere in Europe close to the water with a really great, down to earth, fun, group of people!

Tell us about what you do to prepare before shooting a wedding day!

Like Ethan said, have a big breakfast! Like so big I want to take a nap afterwards haha. We’re always on the go and never really know when we’re going to have enough time to eat (even at dinner we usually will only squeeze in a couple of bites then get up to shoot speeches or group photos). I like to pre-pack my camera bag the night before so in the morning I just double check and go. I’ll print off our timeline/shot list info package beforehand too and if I’m not driving I’ll review it on the way, or if I’m driving then I’ll go through it before I leave.

Who are some of your biggest photography influences? 

I interned with Peter Ash Lee in NYC a few years ago and I learnt so much from him! He’s also such a great/down to earth guy, it makes me love his work more!

Other photographers I’ve really really been into lately are: Sasha Arutyunova, Ike Edeani and Eric Chakeen

Do you have any career goals?

Ever since I started getting into photography I’ve wanted to make it onto PDN’s Top 30 Under 30 (which is now “PDN’s Top 30” so I guess I have more time to make the list haha). Wedding wise, I’d love to get us featured on Brides or Martha Stewart Weddings! I’d love to shoot someone super fashionable and chic, and get it featured on The Coveteur too!

Really, my ultimate career goal is just to shoot work that I love, as much as possible! To sustain myself and my future family with this, for the rest of my life; I really cannot imagine myself on a different career path.


what are your faves…


Favourite movie:

Austin Power’s Goldmember or Christmas Vacation (I can recite both movies beginning to end)

Favourite food:

This is a tough one because it always changes! I think right now my fave. food/meal is penne alla vodka with pancetta and fresh basil and a bottle o’ wine, mmmm I’m hungry now

Favourite lens:

85mm f/1.4

Favourite part of a wedding day:

At the end of the night when the dancefloor opens! I love everything that happens throughout the day, obviously, but most of the morning is high stress so when we get to dancing everyone is finally relaxed and just letting loose! I also love wedding playlists so while shooting I’m mostly just singing and dancing along with everyone too haha

Favourite local getaway:

Ethan’s cottage!

Favourite drink:

Wine. All the wine. All the time. I also enjoy a nice glass of whiskey in the tub after coming home from a long day of shooting

If there's anywhere in the world that you could be right now, where would it be?

Swimming at Ethan’s cottage on that one abnormally hot day in September when the lake is the warmest it’s been all season, BBQ going, with a face that’s been out in the sun for maybe a touch too long (very specific, I know haha)

Okay, last question- what's your favourite aspect of being able to work as part of the Rosewood team?

Honestly, the fact that we do this for a living! I get to do my favourite thing in the world (shooting/photography) with two of my best friends in the world, meeting some of the most incredible people and families- what’s not to love about that?!