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All About Blue

How handsome is he though, seriously?


He was playing in the bushes near an elementary school park, a few streets down from my house. I pulled over to the side of the road and watched him for a few minutes. Once I realized that he had no collar on, and that there was nobody with him, I jumped out of the car and ran to him. He didn't come over to me right away, but instead thought that I was playing a game with him. He'd prance away from me, and then come speeding back over. He finally tackled me to the ground, I put him in the backseat of my car, and he fell asleep within 30 seconds. He was exhausted, dirty, skinny, mangled, dehydrated, but above all things- happy to have somewhere to sleep.

On the left was right after I found him and put him in my car, and on the right was a few days later, after a wild temper tantrum.

I took him to my veterinarian where he was scanned for a microchip since he had no collar on, but there was no identification on him whatsoever. I called the Humane Society, as well as Animal Control, and nobody had reported him missing either. I filed lost and found reports, and followed the 'lost animals' process that I was told about by the Humane Society. I was already in love with this tiny demonic creature so I decided to foster him, and the Humane Society informed me that if nobody claimed him within 2 weeks, legally I would be able to adopt him. Nobody called me. Nobody called the Humane Society. Nobody called Animal Control. Nobody posted anything online about a lost husky puppy. There were no 'missing' posters in my neighbourhood. I took him for a walk several times a week in the area where I found him, but nothing. I ended up waiting 3 weeks until I made the decision to adopt him, and on December 21st, little boy Blue was officially mine. It didn't take long for me to realize that the best godparents for Blue would be Stef and Ethan. They helped keep me sane during the craziest couple months of my life, and they are the absolute best puppy baby sitters that I know of.

I feel like I'm in physical pain when I look at him sometimes, he's so cute. Ugh.

I can't say that the past few months with Blue have been easy though, because they haven't been. When I first found Blue, he showed signs of abuse, which is still heartbreaking to think of since I know nothing about where he came from. He was extremely protective of the back of his neck, and strongly disliked being petted. If I raised my voice at him, he would back into a corner, growl, and bare his teeth at me. He lunged at me, growled at me, and latched onto my arms and legs multiple times. He had food aggression. He had problems resource guarding. He would bite people constantly and had zero obedience skills. The first few weeks before I decided to adopt him were a complete disaster.

As you can see, not much has changed over the past couple of months, he still eats everything in sight.

I talked to/interviewed many trainers, and I can honestly say that the best decision I've made with Blue thus far, is taking him to BRB K9 Services out in Ancaster, Ontario. He's learned so many obedience skills, and he truly is a completely different pup than the one that I found. We actually just graduated our (ADULT) Novice Class- and came in second place after our exam! We're in the Level 2 class now! 

On the left is me (Hannah) and on the right is Yiannis (my boyfriend, and honourary Rosewood Wedding team member)

I don't say this enough out loud, and I don't remind myself enough of it, but I truly have never been so happy before. I am so proud of how much he's learned in such a short amount of time.

If there's one thing I can summarize that I've learned from Blue though, it's patience. I used to think I was a patient person, but soon realized that there's a difference between patiently sitting in rush hour traffic, and patiently trying to teach your puppy not to take food off of the counter- after eating an entire 500g bag of trail mix. I think once you learn how to be patient with others, you start learning how to be patient with yourself and allowing yourself room to grow. You learn how to be more accepting of circumstances that are beyond your control, and you learn the act of compassion. You learn that sometimes your expectations with developing a new skill are unrealistically high, and anything that you truly want will take time, determination, and hard work. 


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

by: Hannah