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Bianca & Blake's Sunset Cottage Engagement Session

3 words: more! cottages! please!

If we could spend our summer shooting at cottages we’d be set. There’s nothing more that we love than shooting up north, taking in all of the fresh air, swimming in lakes and running around barefoot… *swoon* We were planning to shoot with Lauren & Chris (of Happiness Is Sweet) at their family cottage in Gravenhurst and since we were already coming up there Lauren said “welllllllll” and set up a little engagement shoot between us, Bianca, and Blake and we are so thankful!

To be honest over the last couple of months we’ve been shooting a lot and then suddenly didn’t have anything to shoot (as per #freelancelife) and at first it was a nice break but sometimes we get to a point where it’s like “oh ya, we I haven’t touched our cameras in 2 weeks, that’s weird?” and that’s where we were at when we shot this. So being up at the lake and shooting with these guys was such a wonderful reminder of why we love doing this, and while sometimes a break to reset and recharge is definitely needed it’s important to not break for too long.

Bianca & Blake are probably the most affectionate couple we’ve ever photographed. Period. PeriodT. Being in front of the camera is a weird experience- we’re the first to admit it!- but these guys were so effortless, so affectionate, and so clearly in love, it truly made our job that much easier!

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(Shot by Ethan & Stef)

Thank you so much for taking the time to shoot with us B+B and for these all encapsulating words we will cherish forever: “Thank you for somehow getting two awkward lanky humans to look good in photos. You guys are seriously talented!”