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Allie & Arfan's Cherry Beach Engagement Session

dogs… give us all the dogs and we’ll love you forever!

A big buzz word for us is dog(s); as soon as you mention your fur baby/babies we’ll be in love with you no questions asked. When I met Allie & Arfan for the first time we talked a lot, for a few hours i think. They’re incredibly easy to get along with and talk to, they have the funniest and most entertaining stories, and are all around really amazing people- and that’s what I thought even before they mentioned their dogs!

Allie said that Arfan kaibashed her dream to have their dogs present on their wedding day (understandably, tbh) so she said “I put my foot down and said we have to have them in their engagement photos”. They coordinated with their dog walker (who would wrangle them and eventually take them home once we/they were done being in photos) and we set off to spend an evening at Cherry Beach.

There are a few different spots in the city that we’ve been meaning to shoot at and Cherry Beach is one of them. We originally thought of going to Ward’s Island to shoot their session but when A+A suggested Cherry Beach instead, I was thrilled! It’s a perfect spot in the city with a beachy waterfront and greenery to shoot at and a classic Toronto skyline (which you can get an even better view of at Polson Pier, but we didn’t have the time to do this).

Mosquito bites aside we had such a blast shooting this, it’s always fun to learn how couples interact with one another in front of the camera and even more exciting to see them slowly warm up! Exxxxxtra bonus points go to this session for their two wonderful doggerinos who mostly ran and looked away from the camera at all times haha, but we did what we could ;)

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Shot by Stef

Thanks so much for having me A+A! It was such a pleasure to meet your two fur babies and spend the evening running around with you. I can. not. wait. for your wedding!